Documentary as a vocation - Interview with Mark Soosaar

Mark Soosaar is an Estonian documentary film director, producer, professor and founder of International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival in Pärnu that this year celebrated its XIX edition. In more than thirty years of film-making, Soosaar has made over fifty movies, focusing on Estonian issues, such as the disaster of the ‘Estonia’ ferry (in September 1994) and its survivors or the life of the last Estonian Ambassador to Washington before the II World War. Soosaar - Read text -

Movies are people who appear in them - Interview with Milutin Petrović

Milutin Petrović is a film director and independent producer from Serbia and Montenegro, the author of Land of Truth, Freedom and Love (Zemlja istine, ljubavi i slobode, 2000, Reiner Werner Fassbinder award at Mannheim Heidelberg International Film Festival) and South by Southeast (Jug jugoistok, 2005). He belongs to the group of authors working in post–war Serbia, with small budgets and relying on a group of friends as collaborators. His movies are statements on the complex political - Read text -

We are all inmigrants, strangers in our world - Interview with Fred Kelemen

Fred Kelemen is one of the most innovative and exciting contemporary European film directors; he was born in Germany but five feature films he has made so far were shot on locations all over Europe. The last one, Krišana (Fallen, 2005) was made in co- production between Germany and Latvia, and filmed in Riga. Each of Kelemen’s movies was awarded at film festivals around the world and his uncompromising fight for pure artistic film expression attracted attention of theorists such as Susan - Read text -