Eckart Stein's Profile



Between 1974 and 2000, Eckart Stein directed "Das Kleine Fernsehspiel" programme on ZDF, the second channel of German public television. The programme acquired world fame as a television and film laboratory that helped produce the first works of young filmmakers (Jarmusch, Egoyan, Ackerman...), authors from Latin and North America, as well as the movies by well known authors facing difficulties with financial support (Fassbinder, Godard, Angelopoulus, and Varda, among others). Not so long ago it participated in Turkish-German co-productions. Without leaving the realm of public television, Eckard Stein was one of the founders of British Channel 4 and one of the initiators of French-German Art channel.
His text about Calendar (Atom Egoyan, 1993) is part of his speech at the conference dubbed ‘The present as history. Documentaries 1930 – 2005)’ held in Valencia, October – December 2005 at MuVIM (Museu Valencià de la Il•lustració i la Modernitat), organized by Mercè Ibarz.